The Grey Man Ghost Visits Pawleys!

What did I tell you about the Grey Ghost??? (see earlier post about Grey Ghost Bakery cookies here)???  According to the Walking Shadows Ghost Tours Facebook page, the Grey Man ghost was spotted walking on Pawleys Island on Saturday.  I mean, why do we even need the Weather Channel?  Granted, the Grey Man doesn’t have all those pretty graphs a/k/a the Cone of Uncertainty.  But he dresses nicely.  I wonder if he and Jim Cantore are related?  We’ll need to look up Jim’s profile (ha!).  Seriously, it’s nice of both of them to warn us, but these are two dudes we don’t want showing up in our neighborhood, yea?

Anyway, since Florence seems bent and determined to visit the Carolinas, do what I’m going to do.  I’m going to huddle up with my puppy and a supply of Grey Ghost Bakery Cookies.  How much better can life get than that?

Y’all stay safe out there, ya hear?


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