Are you ready for Halloween?

No, I’m not either.  I haven’t even busted out my happy ghost who goes on my front door. I don’t think I put him out til Halloween day last year.  Lame.  

The other day I was getting Janie some food because we have this big ole mean Hurricane Florence coming to blow us to smithereens visit.  And we didn’t even invite her!  Rude.  I didn’t go to the store to get bread or milk, but I had to make sure Janie didn’t go hungry.  Hmph.  As if. This morning I was eating something and she literally tried to grab it out of my hands! The girl has no boundaries.

ANYWAY as I was walking to checkout, I happened by the ka-yooooootest costumes!  Ok admittedly, the one I ended up getting wasn’t the cutest, but I got it because they had SOCKS TO MATCH!!! Not quite as fun as those pink Chucks.  Still, really cute.  And they have anti-slip pads on the bottom (the ones in the center).  Staaaaaaaaahp!


I know you are dying to see what Janie thought of all this, so here you go.  Just for you.

She really seems to like her socks, don’t you think?  It only took her about 10 seconds to get them off and start slinging them around like an Italian with pizza dough.

Awwww my baby.  So precious.  Though I still have that mermaid costume on my mind…

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