Grey Ghost Bakery COOKIES!!!

Yeah, I thought that would get your attention.

Every once in awhile, along comes a product that changes your life.  One of these for me is Grey Ghost Bakery cookies.  I crave them like a pregnant woman craves pickles.  What’s so special about these cookies? you might be asking yourself.

Well, lemmee tell ya.  They are the best thing you have ever, ever put in your mouth.  They are made with premium, all natural ingredients.  And the flavors.  Did you see those up there?  Humdiggity.  Chocolate Bourbon? <<hiccup>>  Lemon Sugar? Cinnamon Pecan?  Puh-leeeeze.  The other day I was in Whole Foods just staring at a wall of them, completely unable to make a decision.  I’ll take one of each, thank you very much.

So what’s this Grey Ghost thing, you ask?  Hey, thanks for asking because it’s a neat story.  The South is pretty much eat up with ghost stories.  I’ve always liked the story of the Grey Man ghost, because he’s just trying to be helpful.  Legend has it that he can be seen walking along the beach on Pawleys Island when a bad storm is coming, warning you to take cover.  A nice ghost, right?

That’s so appropriate because (full disclosure) Grey Ghost Bakery is owned by my friend Katherine Frankstone and her handsome hubby, Manning.  (No, they are not paying me to post this. They’ll be as surprised as you.)  As I was saying, it’s appropriate because they are the nicest people you’d ever want to meet.  I’m tickled silly that their cookies are so popular, but so not surprised because their cookies are truly scrumptious.

How scrumptious?  Award winning!

silver sofi

The Molasses Spice flavor won a Silver sofi Award from the Specialty Foods Association!  That’s like the Oscars for food!  <<you like me! you really like me!>><<why, yes I do, now that you mention it…>>

This flavor holds a special place in my heart because they taste exactly like my grandmother’s.  So good.  Had I known Katherine could make these, I would have hog tied her and drug her to my kitchen a long time ago.  <<nom>>  The Lemon Sugar flavor is also an award winner, another Silver sofi Award from 2014. Grey Ghost Bakery cookies have been featured in many cool magazines like Garden & Gun, Southern Living, and Vogue, among many others.  You can see the articles here.

This is not just about a pretty cookie, pretty cookies though they are.  Grey Ghost Bakery can get you out of a jam in a hurry.  Have you been bad?  Or, do you have a friend in the hospital?  Did you completely forget to send your Aunt Bessie a birthday gift?  Grey Ghost has gotchu covered.  Take a look:

GG gift box

Can you imagine Aunt Bessie or one of your friends or business associates getting this as a Christmas present?  <<wooooot!>>  They will be loving on you for the rest of your days.  I know I would.  <<hint, hint>>  Or, let’s say you need party favors for a baby shower or a wedding.  Well, Grey Ghost Bakery will fix you right up with these cute little two-fer packets (there goes that two-fer thing again) and will put little personalized stickers on them. How great is that?

personalized two-packs

Katherine being Katherine, she is nothing if not helpful.  Not only will she get your  slack self out of trouble, and not only has she shared all these wonderful cookies with us, but she’s also come up with recipes to use them in.  Like this luscious stuff, a version of “dirt cake,” using her yummy Lemon Sugar cookies.  (Don’t know what dirt cake is? It’s ok, we will talk about it another time, you poor thing)

GG recipes

Katherine most helpfully points out that the Chocolate Cayenne flavor goes great with red wine.  What a fantastic idea! I think I will, thanks.

Grey Ghost Bakery cookies can be found a lot of places.  You can find a list of retailers here.  If none of these is near you, Katherine and Manning will send them to you.  Straight to your door!  It’s a wonderful world, isn’t it?




  1. Katherine Frankstone


    What a WONDERFUL good morning surprise!!!!! Thank you!!! I couldn’t have written that better myself. Let me know when you want to come in-house at GGB as a copywriter!

    Loving the blog, but particularly today!

    😘😘😘😘😘! K.

    Katherine Frankstone Owner & Chief Baker Grey Ghost Bakery 1750 Signal Point Rd., Ste 2A Charleston, SC 29412 803.238.1123


    Liked by 1 person

  2. Your neighbor Margaret

    Lord Lynn….just when I decided to do better with my food choices (read “healthy”), along comes this post. You are the DEVIL! But I still love ya!

    Liked by 1 person

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