J.B. Turner’s Rogue a/k/a No Sleep For You!

It just so happened the other night that I’d finished a book I was reading and I had that conversation with myself that we all have.  Hmm, what do I read next? It was lateish and honestly I should have called it a night. But, no, I figured I’d check social media one more time.  I need a 12-step program, truly.

ANYWAY I happened upon a tweet by @Mark_Gottlieb recommending J.B. Turner’s Rogue.  Being the easy sell I am, especially when it’s described as “An American Ghost Thriller,” I zipped right onto Amazon, purchased my copy, and dove in.

Mistake.  HOURS later, I finally couldn’t hold my eyes open any longer even though I really, really wanted to.  The next morning I looked like I’d taken a Sharpie to the underside of my eyes.

GREAT thrilling read for anyone who likes Daniel Silva or Lee Child or Robert Ludlum.

Nathan Stone is a CIA black ops guy sent to kill take care of a United States Senator.  You know, so it looks like an accident or natural causes.  It turns out, the senator is one of a number of people on a kill list.  Is this kill list legit? Who is on it? Why are they on it?  To whom is Nathan loyal? Does that person deserve his loyalty? What does Nathan do to those who betray him?

I won’t ruin it for you by answering all these questions, but – small hint – betraying Nathan is a bad, bad idea.  Don’t do it.  DO read the book.  It is worth the sleep lost.

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