Janie the Award Winning Puppy!

I know y’all have been wondering what Janie has been up to.  WELL.  She has had a very busy winter so far.  She has supervised turkey baking and tree trimming and bathroom renovation (!)(including barking at workers and eating tile grout)(!).

Her most exciting achievement, I am thrilled to announce, was winning my office’s Cutest Pet Contest.  This was not just my local office. No, it also included all the offices in our umbrella organization in DC!  Oh yes, it was stiff competition.  Opponents included several cats, at least one other dog, and a hat-wearing gecko.

I was in Indonesia (subject of later post) when my work and travel partner (hi Bonnie!) texted one night to ask if I could meet her to talk about something.  I found this a little odd since we’d spent literally all day and evening together.  I’d just returned to my room and removed my bra uncomfortable clothing and settled in with a book.  Why would she need to see me again so soon?  It must be something important.

Re-clothed, I met her in the lobby where she stood holding her work computer.  She urged me to steel myself for important news, then she showed me her screen which proclaimed Janie winner of the pet contest!

Y’all, I have to admit, I went full-on loud, obnoxious American right then and there.  I squealed and jumped up & down like the extremely excited gal I was.  Fellow hotel guests (not American) gave me the superior side-eye then moved on away from us.  I cared not one bit.  My girl won!

The picture is of Janie’s prize,  her portrait painted by my co-worker’s 14 year old daughter, Lanie Ausiello.  My photography doesn’t do it justice.  It is beautiful! I’m not sure if Lanie regularly paints pet portraits, but IMHO she could fund her college tuition doing them.

Janie is taking her celebrity in stride.  She thanks everyone for their vote and promises to work very hard during her reign.  Whirled peas and free treats for all!




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