SundayPunday + a Funny Story

Heyhaaaaaayyyyyyyy people did you miss me?  LAWD it’s been a long time.  Let me ‘splain.  Reason 1)  work – lotsa work;  2) related to 1),  a 3 week work trip to Indonesia –chaaaaaaaa!  Y’all, it was awesome, but that’s another story; and  3) my computer broke <waa-waaaaaaaaaah>.  Yea, that stunk.  It was about 1 week into reason #2.

So I’ll tell you the computer story then tell you the funny story of today’s Sunday Punday.  I promise, it’s a good one.  I’m one week – maybe even a half week – into my trip and I’m watching Netflix one night.  The next night?  No monitor. Nothing.  You know the only thing that would work?  The caps lock button.  Booooooooo!

The tragedy did force me to spend more time exploring my surroundings, being with my coworkers (who are fabulous humans), and just chilling.  I returned home a much more peaceful person.  It says a lot for the whole unplugging thing.

So when I got home, I had to figure out what to do about my computer.  Yeayea, it was nice to unplug and all.  But how am I going to talk to you nice people if I’m unplugged, amiright?  First, I spent a little time online with the Apple support people who told me all kinds of things to try to get my monitor working again.  No joy.  Then they told me I could send it in and quoted me a pretty large minimum price for repair. We’re talking about a three year old bottom of the line Macbook Air.

This is the point at which two of my personalities emerged (*there are more than two).  On the one side there was the sensible, let’s just get this thing fixed and move on person.  On the other side there was this “oooooooh shiny, look at that pretty, spanking new Macbook with all those new bells and whistles and all.”  Y’all, I pinky swear I gave the voice of reason every chance to talk.  Even though the evil side ordered the new computer, it arrived and sat unopened – UNOPENED, I SAY! – under my desk for days and days and days – while I explored fixing the old one.

I took my old baby (I really did love her) to a great place my friend Kelly told me about (I love you, Kelly Olsen. I’d love you even if you weren’t a Zeta, but that just makes me love you more) this place called Wedge.  If you aren’t in Soda City you are out of luck. Sorry, Charlie, no Wedge for you.  Anyway, long story short, they agreed with Apple that ….  <<heavy sigh>>… I’d have to make do with the newbie.

Maaaaaaaaannnnnnnn is she pretty!  And she’s such fun use. So look out, you may be hearing from me more often.  Hate it for ya.

Back to that pun.  It just occurred to me that it’s not a pun.  (I’m slow that way)  But it IS funny.

Here’s why it’s even funnier.

Back when ##s 2 and 3 and I were on our way back from Uganda, sweet hubby dear and my boytoy, Motte, were planning our return supper.  Gotta like guys who welcome you home in a big way, yea?  ANYWAY, our welcome home was to be a nice dinner of big fat Fresh Market filet mignon steaks.  Hubby and Motte decide they’re going to marinate the steaks and leave them out on the kitchen counter for a little bit prior to grilling.  In the meantime, they discover they are missing some necessary ingredient. I don’t know what. It doesn’t matter.  What matters is that these two well-meaning geniuses go to the store and leave four large filets out on the countertop…  And they leave my granddog out roaming the house while they’re gone.


Screen Shot 2018-12-02 at 9.34.04 PM

This is Kodie.  Kodie, according to the DNA peeps, is about 35 different degrees of Heinz 57.  Best dog on the planet (don’t tell Janie I said that).  Kodie weighs about, mmmm,  50 pounds.  She is extremely active; a LOT of dog.  She is so well behaved but – let’s be honest – dogs will be dogs.  These two…guys…left her (with Janie), alone in the house with four filets the size of rectangular softballs.  What’s a girl gonna do?

When they returned, two of the steaks were gone.  The guys had the……I don’t even know what you’d call it…to be shocked and amazed and annoyed that this dog had the nerve to eat the steaks that were RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER NOSE.  She probably didn’t even have to stretch.

Ok, so we arrive home (yaaaay!).  We’ve been traveling for about 152 hours (ok maybe 24) and they’re telling this story.  *It’s really hard to keep a straight face when someone tells you they did something this dumb and you’re supposed to be sympathetic.  My girls and I, though, we are nothing if not good little Southern girls, well-schooled in facial control.  We put on our “oh no, we are so sorry, bless your heart” (that’s for you, Bonnie) faces, commiserated with the awfulness of dog misbehavior, and thanked them profusely for our yummy dinner.

Dog is man’s best friend!