The Dupont Circle Hotel

This past week I had the occasion to visit Washington, DC for work.  To be honest, I wasn’t happy about having to stay at Dupont Circle since it was clear across the city from where I needed to be each day.


Just take a gander at this baby.  Beautiful, right?

I went up early on Monday and, after schlepping my bags through the Metro (something I don’t ever plan to do again), it was quite a relief to walk into this beautiful place.  My experience began with the wonderful doorman who noted my bedraggled, suitcase-laden self and welcomed me warmly anyway.  Not only that, but my room was ready at 10am!  Nice!

To tell you how convenient this hotel is to absolutely everything, let’s start with what is right there near the hotel.  Say the hotel is at 2:00 on a clock.  At 1:00 is Starbucks.  At 9:00 is CVS. At 6:00 is the Metro, a Panera, and a Krispy Kreme. Schwwweeeeet! What else do we need in life?

From here, all one needs to do is hop the Metro to go anywhere in the city!

I loved my room.  I’m sorry for not taking pictures for you. That was rude of me.  They honored my request for a high floor.  The walls of the hallways are tan velvetRawr.   In addition to a bed, I also had a cutesy window seat and a desk, both of which overlooked Starbucks.  The bathroom was SO COOL.  It had a large vessel sink, a full sized hairdryer!, and plenty of storage.  The water closet and shower were separated from the sink area by this cool, heavy, opaque glass.  Really swanky.  Is there anything better than a walk in shower? I love walk in showers.

What’s your criteria for a great hotel? One of mine is pillows.  This hotel had the best pillows – and lots of them!  Their amenities like soap, toiletry kit, shampoo, conditioner, and bath gel were fantastic.  I might have brought home a set for my own use.  Ahem.

Lucky me, I am going back to DC in a few weeks for work and – guess where I’m staying again? Yay me!  If you are ever looking for a DC hotel, give this one a chance.



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