San Diego

I have the mixed blessing of being here in San Diego for two weeks of work.  On the plus side, it’s San Diego. Beautiful weather, great food, interesting sights.  On the other hand, it’s a long time to be away from home.  <<insert sad emoji here>>

It was made slightly easier by #3 and her friend coming out to visit me during my in-between weekend.  Lucky for me, the friend is visiting from Germany, so it seemed obvious she needed to visit another great American city while she is in the U.S.  And I got a little taste of home, woot!

On Saturday we went whale watching.  I should say dolphin watching because there were no whales for us.  Boo!  But, as you can see from the picture up there, there were some sea lions hanging out on the bouys.  Cute little dudes aren’t they?  They barely bothered to lift their heads as we passed them on our way to sea.  The seagull was their self appointed babysitter.  He stared at us with his stern little birdie eyes until we were far away.

Then there were the dolphins. OH MY GOODNESS you just can’t imagine how many dolphins there were.  Thousands, easily.  They were as far as we could see in all directions.  I’d had the pleasure of seeing this many before on a previous trip, but they were not as frisky as these guys.  Take a look:

They were positively frolicking.  It must be fun to be a dolphin!

I’m going to be nice and introduce you to my favorite restaurant in San Diego.  I discovered it on my first visit and have been there on every visit since.  Tonight was #3 this trip (hey, I have to make sure everyone gets to experience it!)

It’s called Davanti Enoteca and is located in Little Italy.  I love Little Italy.  In fact, I love big Italy, so it makes sense.  Little Italy is so festive and teeming with happy would-be Italians like me.  Davanti Enoteca has this cute little porch on the street, spacious seating inside, and this cool courtyard at the back.

DE back

That’s right, my fellow scorched South Carolinians, you can sit outside under the stars and enjoy the perfect San Diego weather while you dine.  Delightful.

Food is served in a unique, whatever-order-it-comes-in way.  The idea is for everyone to order a thing or two or three, and then you share around the table.

They are known for their Focaccia di Recco.  It’s the lightest, most delicate flatbread you’ve ever had, stuffed with soft cheese and drizzled with honey.  Yes, I did say drizzled with honey.  Holy moly, if you don’t go for anything else, go for this stuff. It’s ah-mazing.


Doesn’t that look delish? (photos courtesy of the website)

We did other fun stuff like going to Old Town and to Balboa Park, which warrants at least one post of its own.  The architecture! The museums! The gardens! Wow! We saw TWO marriage proposals there, right in a row! So special.

Another new thing we did was to journey out to La Jolla which is about 15 minutes away from downtown.

La Jolla Sunset

I totally snagged this picture off the web – beautiful, right?  We were there at sunset, but didn’t get a picture like this.  Yowza.

On the recommendation of a friend (hey Dona!) we tried George’s at the Cove for dinner on Sunday.  The view is magnificent.


There were seals hanging out on that big rock in the middle of the picture.  There must be amazing snorkeling there because the water was filled with snorkelers.

All in all, I’m blessed to be here, but counting the days til I am home-sweet-home again!



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