I’m kinda proud of this picture, if you really wanna know the truth.  While I’d like to say it is the product of my excellent photography skills and filters and all, the truth is that this is a wonderful accident of bad exposure.  That and the couple who WOULD NOT move.  Ah well, it’s still a great reminder of visiting Daughter #2 while she was studying in Lyon her junior year.  Annecy is a picturesque little town sitting right on the border between France and Switzerland.  They have this fabulous market with all these incredible looking vegetables that I’d never seen before.  It almost made me want to cook…ha.  Study abroad.  Who came up with this thinly disguised exercise in apron-string-cutting?  Brutal.  Never had I dreaded anything more than taking her to the airport that August.  I’d never been away from her for more than maybe a week or so.  Four months?  Just stab me in the heart and get it over with.   No, that wasn’t me blubbering all over myself in the Charlotte airport, uh uh.  But then I discovered the upside of study abroad:  getting to visit!!!  Two and a half agonizing months later, my mother, Daughter #3 and I were on our way.  After an overnight not-even-24-hours-but-we-still-made-it-to-the-top-of-the-Eiffel in Paris, we fast-trained it on over to stunning Lyon.  Which will be the subject of another post.  All this to say:  study abroad isn’t so bad after all!

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