Wedding time! washington, dc

Two tremendous things happened a few weeks ago. One was that #1 daughter got married. YIPPEEEEEE! The other is that she (well, and he) got married in one of my fav cities: Washington, DC.

I gotta be honest. One (small) thing that has made me sad about this scourge from hell Covid19 is that I haven’t gotten to visit Washington hardly at all. We did get to zip up last August for the engagement fun, but this was a REAL VISIT. With a lil sightseeing in addition to a nice hotel and a beautiful wedding, your girl was happyhappyhappy.

Guests were scattered over three hotels and lord only knows where else, but Fam Beard stayed at the Thompson Hotel (feature photo was grabbed off the web – I am SORRY to whomever I am not giving photo cred to- hit me up and I’ll fix it) which is located in the Navy Yard area of DC. Don’t know Navy Yard? Well, it’s where the Nats play. The hubby and I had a great view of the stadium from our room. Woot! For the non-baseball fans, just go to the Mall and walk south and you’ll run right into it.

Anyway, The Thompson is a nice place whose staff couldn’t have treated us better. The hubby and I had a junior suite on a corner that faced both the stadium (as I said) and the river. Such a pretty view. Lucky girl, the bride had the Thompson Suite which was niiiiiiiiiiiice! And there was plenty of room for pre-wedding primping. The hotel’s location, just down from the wedding venue, was perfect.

But y’all! The best part about the Thompson is its rooftop bar! The Anchovy Social (yes, that’s really its name) is nothing short of humongous, with an outside terrace that wraps practically the whole way around. The views from up there were ah-MAZE-ing. Here’s a pic (photo cred: Eatr DC). This is just one section – I’m telling you it’s BIG. *Interesting note: to go to the bar you had to show your ID and proof of Covid vaccination. Go, Anchovy Social!

I can’t write about the Thompson and not write about District Winery. What a cool venue for any purpose, but definitely for a wedding. Yes, District Winery is a real live winery (with barrels and everything!), as well as a restaurant, and – tada – a special event venue. It is three levels of fun, with the prettiest staircase and dramatic chandelier tying it all together. #1 and her fella got married with the river in the background, then we all piled outside for cocktails overlooking the water.

Then came dinner. Which was deeeeeee-li-shuss. I’ve never seen a wedding dinner done this way: it was sorta family style. And we were all family of one kind or another, amiright? (of course I am) So, it was uniquely perfect! They had these little stands and they put a big bowl of a terrific kale salad there and you served yourself. Then came sides for the main course (also family style). Brussel sprouts, polenta, and I can’t remember what else. But then the wait staff came around with two different kinds of protein – in this case beef or chicken. I’m sure you could have had a vegetarian meal if you wanted, but I didn’t want. Normally I wouldn’t have been a piggie and tried both but – and I say this sincerely – ohmygoodness they were both so good!

Ok, enough about food. The party. Right after dinner, the party got started and, let me tell you, it did not let up for four. solid. hours. It was non-stop dance-dance-dancing. (Props to the bride and the hubby for showing all ‘dem Yankees how to shag (the dance, people! the dance! look it up) in their father/daughter dance, featuring Miss Grace by the Tymes. They were smokin’!) I don’t know about the bride and groom, but I was pooped afterwards!

Here’s a pic of District Winery which I think I stole from them (hopefully that’s ok, DW! Love you/mean it). It has that industrial chic thing going on, dontcha think?

If ever your daughter (or son) wants to get married in DC, 1) say yes, and 2) consider the Thompson and District Winery. They’ll do you right.

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