A Delicious read

I finished this book about a month ago. Today it occurred to me I’d never written about it on my blog. Whaaaaaaaaat was I thinking? Clearly, I was not. As evidenced by my extremely spotty posting since the beginning of the scourge of the Earth pandemic, my blogging muse is in super-secret, double serious lock down because I’ve barely seen the girl. I hope she is somewhere partyin’ with other writer’s muses and when she comes back she’ll have some good stuff for me. <<le sigh>>

Today’s post comes courtesy of the brilliance of a new friend of mine. I “met” Stephanie Austin Edwards somewhat serendipitously. While we’ve not met in person (thank God for email amiright?), I can tell we are going to be fast, fun friends despite the miles that separate us – basically because I would love to be buddies with someone as talented and interesting as her and wishing makes it so, isn’t that the way it works? Plus, Stephanie lives in Beaufort, SC, one of the most beautiful places evah, so surely I need to make up frequent reasons to visit.

Anyway, as I was saying, Stephanie is a writer. Unlike me, she has actually published a real novel (an award winning one, to boot), and let me tell you, you need to run to your book store or to your Amazon app and buy it right this minute.

What We Set in Motion is an unputdownable read. From the first word, I was drawn into the story of a young woman who chased her dreams despite the pull of family, tradition, and the beautiful South Carolina Lowcountry. Descriptions of New York City, the world of dance, and the world of theater come effortlessly alive, immersing the reader before they even realize it. It is a beautiful coming of age story, one of love, loss, and redemption that lingers long after the last page is read.


  1. Janice Meyer

    Congratulations to Stephanie on your excellent recommendation of her book, ” What we shet in motion”. Yea Stephanie!

    I also met Stephanie a few years back rather by chance and, she ultimately became the publisher of my first book, ” A Low Country Advent” which is a Daily devotional with short reflections on timely and timeless human needs, each followed by thought provoking questions and space for journaling one’s own ponderings…… It is also available on Amazon.com
    There is also a review of ” A Low Country Advent” on Amazon and endorsements on the book cover.. Perhaps you will check it out and give me another review….

    My many thanks and gratitude to a great author and publisher, Stephanie Edwards !
    Janice Neal Meyer, MDiv
    Author, ” A Low Country Advent”


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