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My little friend Julie McElveen calls makeup “spackle,” which I love about her because she’s not big as a minute and beautiful and doesn’t need one iota of “spackle,” so how does she even know? Still, she’s a smart cookie, so we’ll take her word for it.

For me, there are varying degrees of spackle. Sometimes I need a dot or two. Most of the time Sometimes I need a dump truck.

Enter Bare Minerals. For those “little bit” days, there is tinted moisturizer, called Complexion Rescue. That’s the one in the triangular tube in that artsy photo up there (yes I took it myself)(you can be impressed now). I like Complexion Rescue especially for summertime when it’s just too darn hot for anything heavier. Which is pretty much mid-February to mid-November in South Carolina, amiright? Or for trips to Target. Or the grocery store. Or any other time I’m going out of the house for a second and don’t want to scare someone to death. Just a few dots on a brush will cover my whole entire face, so a tube lasts ages. How great is that?

Then for those days… which is pretty much every work day and every special occasion, I go for the Complexion Rescue Hydrating Foundation Stick. Wow, howz that for a name? Sounds like it should come with lights and sirens. Weeeeeeeee! weee- weee- weeeeeeeee! <<that’s for you Misty Dawn. This is a test. Are you reading?>> When the nice lady at Ulta first introduced me to the CRHFS, I took one look at that thick stick of stuff and said, “how do I get this on my face?” (because I have to ask these questions). She said, “Oh, you just dot it around and then blend it.” Honey, if you let me do something like that I’ll have it piled on about three inches thick. Turns out that’s not necessary, even for me.

Don’t tell the lady at Ulta – but I didn’t do what she told me to. No I did not. When I got home with my CRHFS, I took out my very lovely IT brush and did a quick swipe across the tube and then started dotting it around my face. Whoa. Amazing. In about two seconds flat just a small amount of this miracle-marker wiped every blemish, vein, dark spot, and pore from my face. Not that I have any. But if I did, they were gone. <<ahem>> The more I dotted my lovely brush around my face, the more it blended and the better it looked!

And what I JUST DISCOVERED – you won’t believe it – Bare Minerals names their shades of Complexion Rescue and CRHFS the exact same names! No guess work! How do you like them apples? I thought that was just the most exciting thing ever. No, it doesn’t take much to thrill me.

About the brush. I have a confession. I love to pet IT-brand makeup brushes almost as much as I love to pet Janie. Don’t tell her I said. In the Ulta store they have a bunch of them at the end of the display that spell out “It” in big letters and I just run my hands all over them every time I walk by. If I thought they wouldn’t kick me out of the store I’d bury my face in them. They are soft as a baby’s butt and just so decadent.  Annnnnnnnd they do a marvy job of applying makeup! Even makeup that’s not IT-brand makeup. Yay!

Screen Shot 2019-09-28 at 12.51.53 AM

Now, #3 is blessed with the longest, thickest eyelashes in the world. Her sisters and I look at her and then we look at each other and bemoan at the unfairness of the Beauty Fairy. C’mon, sistah! Show us some eyelash love!

Well, lemmee let you in on one of #3’s secrets. This will not give you eyelashes like hers. Sorry, Charlie. However, you can get a little help from your girl Maybel-line. I think I might have mentioned before that I’m not terribly loyal to mascara. It’s one of my faults. When #3’s cutie little friend Mary Ann turned her on to Voluminous Superstar XFiber mascara, I had to see what was up with that. There’s another whopper of a name for ya. Voluminous Superstar XFactor! Sounds like something Bey would use. Or Gwen. or Lady. Or Dolly. What’s the first thing you notice, besides its lovely grape shade? Right! It has two sides! The longer wand length makes it so much easier to put on. Side 1 is on your left. Don’t tell Side 2, but Side 1 is my favorite. I know you’re not supposed to have favorites among your children, but here we are. That Side 1 brush, oh my! It hugs the bottom lash line like a race car on Daytona. It makes it soooooooooo much easier for me you to put the stuff on without ending up looking like a raccoon. And those teeny tiny bristles find eyelashes you didn’t even know you had. After Side 1, if you really wanna wow’em, whip out Side 2. Side 2 has a lovely arched wand that plumps up even the scrawniest eyelashes into big fat sexy mamas.

That’s your spackle lesson for today! With or without it, go be your beautiful self!


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