Indonesia: Chapter 6, the Finale

I thought I’d end with the beginning, because it’s a right funny story.

When we planned our little excursion, Bonnie gave me full rein in planning our trip.  It’s possible that she came to regret that but, as I said last time, she is a great sport and she made the very best of my planning oopsies.

I’ve long been a fan of Airbnb.  My experiences have always been great.  This one was no exception, but quite unique.

Our host, Made (pronounced Mah-day), had someone pick us up from the airport.  The ride from there to Ubud was probably an hour.  Maybe longer.  It grew dark soon after we arrived, so we could only catch glimpses of our surroundings in the headlights.  We turned into this neighborhood that looked a little suspect.

I’m thinking, hmm.

Then our driver turned down this road only wide enough for one car and pulled into what would be, in the US, a sketchy, unpaved parking area.  He stopped and turned the ignition off.

“Made is coming,” he said.

We stood with our luggage in the middle of this road with our driver in the dark. A few moments later, guys driving scooters arrived and one of them introduced himself as Made.  All of them were very nice but, still, it’s in the middle of the night (okay, maybe 6:30)(but still, dark), we didn’t know these people, we didn’t know where we were, etc, etc, etc.

I’m thinking, so this is how it ends…

They tell us cars can’t go any further and it’s a bit of a walk.  They loaded our luggage onto two of the scooters and took off.

I’m thinking, am I ever going to see my luggage again?

Then the scooters come back and we are told to get on.


I’ve never been on a scooter.  It was dark.  The road was windy.  I’m having to hold on to this complete stranger.  After awhile, the road is just about five feet wide with rice paddies on either side (a rather long drop).  The foliage coming up from them is long and look like snake heaven.

I’m thinking, am I going to fall down into the rice paddy?  If I do, seriously, are there snakes?  And will they ever find me?  

After what seemed like forever, we arrived and went into our little compound.  It was exactly as pictured on Airbnb and I started to exhale.

Okaaaaay, I’m not going to die tonight.  Excellent.

The next morning, I walked out and this was my view.  Wowwwww.

view from porch

Here is the joglo we were staying in:

view of main

The living room:

livingroom 2

My bedroom:

my br

My bathroom, chaaaaaaaaaaa!!!


Our kitchen (which was beside another bedroom – you could have come, too!)


And this is where I spent a lot of my time:

screen shot 2019-01-16 at 9.51.44 pm

So peaceful, so relaxing.  I wish I could have a she-shed just like this.

A short walk away we found a great restaurant called, get this, Paddy Point.  We ate there several times.  The food was excellent.  Look at this lovely, handstitched menu cover!


Bali is beautiful. The people are great.  And it is so inexpensive!!!  Yes, it takes a long time to get there, particularly from the East Coast, but I would go again tomorrow.  Especially with Bonnie!

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