Palmetto Bluff: When You Win Big at the Auction Fundraiser

A few years ago, Neal and I attended a fundraising auction.  You know how that kind of thing goes.  Get all gussied up.  Mingle.  Snack on this and that while circling like sharks browsing the silent auction items.  Libations flow like a river.  By the time they get around to the live auction part, everyone is happy and purse strings are loose.

Anyway, long story short, after some gallant bid-battling done by Neal, we “won” a week at Palmetto Bluff.  Have you heard of it?  No? Oh, I hate that for you.  It’s beautiful and, lucky for us, not far away.  Unluckily for us, it is not for the faint of wallet.  “Winning” this trip was quite a treat.  Yippee!

Honestly, once we got there, we forgot everything else and exhaled.  It is breathtaking.


It is right on the bank of the May River.  For as far as you can see, there are huge, Spanish moss-hung live oaks, Palmetto Trees, and lush sweetgrass-lined river banks.


On land, there is the cutest little neighborhood of houses like the one below, as well as larger (and larger), beautiful homes.  There is also an inn.


We spent our week here with #1, #2, and #3.  The interior was comfy and spacious and we loved it.

Here was one of #1’s favorite places to be.  Always with her nose in a book.  Wonder who she got that from?


Just down the road was a really nice pool.  It had your typical sunny spots for sunbathing.  It also had lovely shady spots overlooking the river.  Here was #3’s favorite place to be:


See that smoothie?  There were these friendly fellas who would bring her those at the slightest wave of her hand.  Aaaaah, delightful!

One day the girls and I went kayaking which was SO FUN.  While we were waiting to be matched to our kayaks, #3 dropped her phone in the pluff mud.  Whooopsie.


But it landed jelly side up!  Our guide had to figure out how to get to it without damaging the grass or getting stuck up to his neck in mud. I think his solution was ingenious:


During our trip, #2 took some amazing photographs.  I believe she took all the photos I’m showing you.  Quite the photographer, yea?



See those banks at the left and right in the photo above? As we were paddling down this little creek, we had the most amazing opportunity to see dolphins strand feeding! That is when dolphins chase their prey (shrimp, probably) up onto the banks and then flop up and snack away.  Oinkers.

One afternoon we had a friendly family game of bocce ball.


We also explored the beautiful little chapel that looks right out onto the river.IMG_4899


So I’m thinking with three girls, the odds are good I could talk one of them into getting married here.  Dontcha think?


I hope you enjoyed this little trip to Palmetto Bluff.  Definitely visit if you can.  And, if you have an extra room, keep me in mind!

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