Daniel Silva’s “The Other Woman” @danielsilvabook

I love books, almost all books. I will read pretty much anything you put in front of me. If it’s fiction. And well-written. And is suspenseful or a good whodunnit. Or a spy or police procedural. And not too sci-fi.  And not a bodice-ripper.  And not sad. I hate sad books. And sad movies.  Ok, maybe I won’t read almost any book.  BUT! I get really truly excited when I find out that Daniel Silva has a new one out.

GUESS! WHAT?!?!!  Daniel Silva has a new book out!  It’s called “The Other Woman.”  No, this is not about some steamy affair.  Someone is being naughty, but not in a romantic way.

Hold on – have you read any Daniel Silva books?  Surely you have, but I’m going to assume you haven’t, because then I can tell you about them.  Silva has this fantastic character named Gabriel Allon.  Gabriel is renowned in the fine art world as one of the very best restorers of old master paintings.  We’re talking Rembrandt, Titian, Rubens… pretty great stuff.  But that’s just his day job.  His cover identity.  He’s really an operative for the world’s most formidable intelligence agency:  the Israeli Mossad.

Haven’t heard of the Mossad? Honey.  They are badass news if you are a bad guy.  They do not pull any punches.  Gabriel himself was a member of Operation Wrath of God, the group that hunted down the members of the Palestinian Black September group who killed eleven Israeli Olympians at the 1972 Munich Olympics.  Gabriel’s mentor is Mossad chief Ari Shamron.  No wimp himself, Shamron plucked Holocaust organizer Adolph Eichmann off the streets of Argentina in 1962 and returned him to Europe to face trial for his war crimes.

Wow, this is already quite a story, right? No doubt.

The Gabriel Allon series is now eighteen books strong, beginning with the Kill Artist.  You don’t have to read them in order, but if you do it really puts everything into perspective for you.

In “The Other Woman,” we follow Gabriel as he and his team investigate the identity of a highly placed Russian mole in Britain’s MI6.  The chase goes from Vienna to Andalusia to Britain and to the United States.  It’s a great chase, with great action, great twists, especially at the very end.  Dingdang, I didn’t see that one coming.

Go pick up your copy today!



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