The Endless Appeal of the Squeaky Toy

Mommy finally came home from walking out to the mailbox. It took her practically forever. Very plainly I told her that my favorite squeaky purple bone rolled underneath the couch all by itself.  Apparently she is hard of hearing because I had to say it over and over before she heard me.  At last she fished it out. Weeeeeeee puppy blitz!  It puzzles me why my family sits and looks at a big loud box on the wall or taps their paws on those metal thingies on their laps. I sit beside my mommy with one of my toys and push it with my nose until it falls down there on the floor way way down there.  So I tell her to pick it up for me. I growl at it and growl at it and bark at it and finally she does.  Humans are so hard to train!

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